Xi Jinping held talks in Henan, people.com.cn channel with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet cibi

Xi Jinping held talks in Henan, people.com.cn Channel original title with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet: Xi Jinping and Chilean President Michelle Bachelet held talks between the two heads of state decided to establish intelligence comprehensive strategic partnership, bilateral relations opened a new stage of development in November 22nd, President Xi Jinping held talks in Santiago with Chilean President Michelle bachelet. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Peng photo of November 22nd, Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks in Santiago with Chilean President Michelle bachelet. This is before the talks, Xi Jinping attended a grand welcoming ceremony held in Plaza de la Constitucin, Bachelet. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ye photo newspaper Santiago on 22 November, (reporter Du Shangze, Hou Lulu) President Xi Jinping 22 in Santiago held talks with Chilean President Michelle bachelet. The two heads of state to actively evaluate the development of the relationship between China and the United States, unanimously decided to enhance bilateral relations between China and the United States to promote a comprehensive strategic partnership to promote greater development of Sino Chilean relations. Xi Jinping points out that there is a saying in Latin America, "a true friend can touch your heart from the other side of the world". China and Chile are such good friends. Although the two countries are separated by thousands of miles, but the hearts of each other, in the history of Latin American relations has created a number of "first". The two sides have a high degree of political mutual trust, mutual benefit and win-win economic cooperation, multilateral cooperation has become increasingly close, the relationship between China and Chile has entered a new stage of maturity and stability. Both China and Chile are at a critical stage of development, are committed to promoting development through deepening reform. Stand in the Sino Chilean relations at a new starting point, we should actively enterprising, the Sino Chilean relations continue to walk in the forefront of Latin American relations. Xi Jinping stressed that China is willing to work with Chile to strengthen top-level design of the relations between the two countries, perfect the construction of free trade zone, expand investment cooperation, strengthen cooperation in science and technology innovation, Houzhi public opinion soil, enhance strategic cooperation. China supports Chinese enterprises to participate in Chile’s infrastructure, clean energy and other fields. Expanding cooperation between the two countries will help promote cultural exchanges between the two countries. The two sides should strengthen communication and coordination in multilateral institutions. Bachelet said, warmly welcome President Xi Jinping’s visit to chile. President Xi’s visit to Chile will closely friendship, enhance mutual political dialogue and economic ties. Chile is willing to take the establishment of bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership as an opportunity to deepen cooperation with China in various fields, and expand new areas of cooperation. Chile FTA upgrade will effectively expand bilateral economic and trade cooperation, Chile welcomes Chinese enterprises to increase investment in Chile, and is willing to join the Asian infrastructure investment bank as soon as possible. Chile is willing to close coordination in international affairs and cooperation. The two heads of state unanimously decided to promote the China Chile relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership, opened a new page of China Chile relations, and promote the long-term development of mutually beneficial and friendly cooperation between the two countries to better benefit the people of the two countries. The two sides agreed to strengthen high-level exchanges, close the two government departments, legislative bodies, political parties, local and other fields, all levels of exchanges, firmly support each other’s independent choice of development path in line with their national conditions, continue to firmly support each other on major issues concerning each other’s interests. The two sides agreed to play in 2015 signed the People’s Republic of China government and the Republic of Chile government相关的主题文章:

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