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Yan Jing Sai Evian missed promotion adjustment war pine LPGA Yan returned match with his father in the scene that cyanine Evian sina sports news Beijing standard time on September 17th message. No. 18 hole green edge, and is visible Yan Jing of sand save, when Yan Jing successfully save par, she also completed the second round of the championship game of evian. Two round total score of 149 (75-74, +7), the difference between the 4 strokes, unfortunately missed the Grand Slam after two rounds of contention. On Friday she was starting in the 1 hole, will start to eat a bogey, Yan Jing said the first nine holes played very hard, transitions to 10 holes, slowly began to enter the state, "today a whole lot better than yesterday, and then the nine hole nine hole is better than before," although in No. 11 Yan Jing the hole swallowed Shuangbai bogey, but she said that after the transition really into the state, she has caught two birds in 12, hole number 13, "at that time, the state of play, 2 holes were advancing 3 yards birdie." Yan Jing in front of a little tired, her father said carrying bags full of concern at her. She thought a little more, too want to win, adhere to adhere to the 4 hours a day before the training, said the United States and the United States has a total of 6 hours of training every day." That shook his head with a smile, although the mouth says so, but each field exercises, father out and out with patience. Yan Jing Yan Jing played second times the first time to participate in the tournament of Evian Evian Championships or amateur players, the first game in 2014 Evian got tied for twentieth good results, compared to this year, she is feeling a lot, "the state is not too good, mainly is the long rod is not in the state, when it is 13, average per round 14 holes on the green, the maximum of 7, twice the difference." Yan said the two day save save Jing very tired, very passive. That is all so, she is still optimistic looking forward to the next two domestic LPGA game, "once a week to rest on the pine, blue bay, after the main goal will be placed in the Asia series." No specific target, but she has to practise their own specific requirements, "long rod technology to strengthen, and then catch a bird to narrow the distance, the back also to consolidate." The last year’s Grand Slam Yan Jing missed the cut, but she still expects to find adjustment, competitive state, "the next few days will be around, returning home on Monday, began to prepare for the next game. The Evian tour is very happy." Related reading: Evian saitian sage half ahead of Feng Shanshan T2 Yan Jing Feng Simin Feng Shanshan: did not qualify for the city park Hyun made me feel his old style at Evian (Li Renshu from France Evian)相关的主题文章:

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