Zhang Shuai this year is a year will also play the Tokyo Hawaii two stations-stand by me shinee

Zhang Shuai: this year is a year will also play the Tokyo Hawaii two station Zhang Shuai Chinese, Zhuhai – 2016 season for China Jinhua Zhang Shuai, called a Cinderella story. In Zhuhai, the story continues. A wild card for the first time in the Zhuhai WTA super classic, Zhang Shuai from the group phase two game winning streak in the breakthrough, successfully reach the semifinals at the same time, also will be the first among the world’s top 25. "This is really unbelievable, because I never thought I would have the opportunity to participate in this race, and now I’m here in the semi-finals," Zhang Shuai WTA on Thursday in an interview said: "to this week’s game, I did a lot of preparation. So now I’m very happy." Zhang Shuai the fairytale season began in Australia, and she was able to stick to this year’s Australian Open, also due to the end of last year at a championship in Tokyo. This time last year, ranking will fall out of the TOP200 Zhang Shuai won a station in the ITF tournament in Tokyo, which also trough she has injected a shot in the arm. Now, has returned to China, a sister of Zhang Shuai, plans to return to Tokyo next week, this time, she will serve as the number one seed. "I have a lot of good memories in Tokyo, and I want to go there again. I also have a lot of friends in Tokyo, Japan, they have been waiting for me there, so I am really excited." "Tokyo’s diet, accommodation, and the conditions of the stadium are very good, I can not wait to fly to Tokyo." And this is not the end of the Tokyo Zhang Shuai this season, the last stop. She will soon take part in a series of WTA125K races held in Hawaii, a long dream of their own. "I’ve never had a chance to visit Hawaii. Now my ranking has not directly apply 125K series, so I’d like to thank the organizing committee is willing to give me a wild card." Three weeks ago, the Beijing Railway Station, Zhang Shuai harvest in Zhuhai where wild card issued by the committee. The weeks of her heroics, nine months to second over Romania’s Halep, the former one, it is in this year, the first round of the Australian open. Halep "is a very strong player, my coach has let me learn from her, because of her tactics and style are very beautiful. Besides, I like her very much. She is a very easy-going girl." "In Australia, I never thought I could beat her again, so it is really incredible. But this year I beat the top twenty players like Shinseki and Stosur, so I believe I can beat the other players." "Now I am confident that I can do anything." This attitude also helped Zhang Shuai through his career’s most successful season. Two years ago, Zhang Shuai was among the players TOP30, becomes the seed of a grand slam, but until this year Australia defeated Hale Pu, she finally made his race victory in Grand Slam singles first. "Now I’m more focused on the court. I didn’t want to rank these things, I just"相关的主题文章:

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