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Zhang Tielin even lawsuits and illegitimate child mother sued each other – Beijing "huangama" Zhang Tielin even provoke a lawsuit just to pay 198 yuan illegitimate alimony and illegitimate child mother mutual lawsuit JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) in the TV drama "Princess" in play "huangama" Zhang Tielin that was the daughter of Zhang Jing (a pseudonym) for alimony issue settled. Reporters learned yesterday, Zhang Tielin recognized Zhang crystal is his own daughter, and has been in accordance with the court to pay more than 198 yuan alimony to Zhang Jing. In addition, Zhang Tielin also with the illegitimate child of Zhang Yang (a pseudonym) mother Ms. Zi, because his son’s custody and alimony sued each other. This year, 17 year old Zhang Jing was born in Beijing, its birth certificate shows that the mother is Ms. Hou, the father of a column filled with the "Zhang Tielin". According to Zhang Jing Chaoyang Court said that in May 1997, the mother of Ms. Hou and Zhang Tielin know and cohabitation, born in April 30, 1999. In August 2000, due to feelings of separation and mother and Zhang Tielin, since his mother raised by a person so far, Zhang Tielin did not give their own living expenses. Zhang Jing said, in 2014, she wanted to study abroad, Zhang Tielin did not recognize Zhang Jing as their own daughter, refused to sign, but also to his name removed from his birth certificate, Zhang Tielin and Zhang Jing provide hair paternity. In the face of court questioning, Zhang Tielin made it clear that Zhang is his biological daughter, and refused to paternity. But he believes that Zhang Jing from birth to 4 years of age in their own homes, by their own upbringing, it is only willing to pay part of the alimony of Zhang Jing. Chaoyang Court after the trial, the discretion of the decision to pay Zhang Jing alimony 1 million 980 thousand yuan Zhang Tielin. Link yiboweiping another Zhang Tielin and illegitimate child mother sued each JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) yiboweiping another, Zhang Tielin and the sishengnv lawsuit just finished its illegitimate child’s mother, Ms. Zi played dual lawsuit. Ms. Zhang Tielin sued for Zi son of alimony 1 million 50 thousand yuan, and Zi lady sued Zhang Tielin, for the return of the custody of his son. According to Ms. Zi said, in 2001 she was a college student two people, she gave birth to a boy Zhang Yang pregnant, has been brought up by their. 2009, Zhang Tielin instructed others to forcibly take away the child. So far, she hasn’t seen a child for 6 years. It is understood that the Chaoyang Court will not hear the case in September 29th. In June 20th this year, Zhang Tielin in the name of his son Zhang Yang legal representative, sued for compensation fee of 1 million 50 thousand yuan Zi ms.. Zhang Yang claimed that he was born after Zi Ms. only raised 6 months later, Zhang Tielin has been in the home life. In the meantime, any support, medical and educational expenses Ms. Yang did not undertake Zhang zi. Currently, Chaoyang Court has accepted the case.相关的主题文章:

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