Zhang Yishan street is convenient to apologize to drink off piece of man robbing www.09955.com

Zhang Yishan street is convenient to apologize: male companion mooch piece children drink no public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Sina entertainment news recently, Zhao Wuer photographed Zhang Yishan [micro-blog] after indecent behavior, he was drunk in the urine, on the way to kiss a man, on the lower body. The evening of September 8th, Zhang Yishan said that micro-blog apologized, drinking fragments of children, their excitement, a bit too much, will drink less. Recently, detective Zhao five children photographed Zhang Yishan after he returned to Beijing after the indecent behavior, together with a friend, after getting drunk in the urine was, on the way to kiss a man, on the lower body. After the video exposure, causing hot debate in the network, and scared silly fans. On the evening of September 8th, Zhang Yishan issued an apology to micro-blog, he wrote: "sincere apology, do not explain. I’m sorry, I’m a little jet lag in russia. The day did drink piece children, see no see two years of college students, I this present is too excited, a little too much. To recruit black brothers keyboard, sorry. Also added to the block, and later drink less. A small step forward, a big step in civilization. Try to be appropriate for travel, ‘go goosestepping string line suit. " Hereby apologize." Micro-blog has also been forgiven the understanding of users, said: after correction, public figures or to pay attention to the impact." "You love the real time." "Do yourself, do not forget the beginning of the heart." (I am MIHR) (commissioning editor: shining) for more details, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章:

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