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Zhao Junzhe: Zheng Zhi and I took a different road until I didn’t want a "football" interview with Zhao Junzhe reporter Jia Yanfeng reported in October 30, 2016, Zhao Junzhe retired, in the last game of the season in 2016, for his 19 years of occupation career ending. Help Chinese played the world cup, won the Asian Cup runner up, the first international super, insulator, negative news and conscientious attention playing field, it is Zhao Junzhe’s shining label, but more importantly, he held a club in 19 years, which will have chance to Liuyang and the rich. Never move. In a materialistic society, in football resources shortage, the supremacy of the interests, Zhao Junzhe is an alien, is respected. Therefore, the national fans to mention Zhao Junzhe, at the same time will think of two words – loyalty. In the reporter recently met with Zhao Junzhe made a three hour interview found that Zhao Junzhe was able to do all of this is not accidental, in his spirit world, from the beginning, he is not the pursuit of the interests of the main target, it seems to us that he give up a lot, but his heart is full of the world a quiet.相关的主题文章:

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